Here at Pilates of Palm Beach, we are asked many questions regarding Group Pilates Classes from prospective members. Here are the 3 most commonly asked questions.

What are the Benefits of Group Pilates Classes?

Regardless of whether you practice Pilates in a private or group setting, you are going to reap some incredible benefits. You will increase strength, flexibility, and stamina. You will develop slender thighs, a flat abdomen, and toned arms. And most importantly, you will achieve a mind/body connection which will enhance your self-confidence. But in a Group Class setting, you gain something more; group comradery and friendly competition. The friends you make in class will push you harder, encourage you when you’re discouraged, and celebrate you when you achieve your goals.


For whom are Group Classes best suited?

Group Classes are best suited for clients with healthy bodies and spines without any physical issues or limitations. With only 1 instructor to 6-7 clients, it is important that you take ownership of your own workout. At Pilates of Palm Beach, our classes are level specific (Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced), so you are guaranteed to be appropriately challenged. Most studios, including ours, require all new clients to complete 3 Private Sessions prior to taking Group Classes. This allows the instructor to get to know you and your body, offer you any necessary modifications, teach you how to use the apparatus safely, and determine which Group Class level is best for you.


What can I expect from a Group Class?

Group classes are FUN! Yes, they are physically challenging, but as we like to say, “time flies when you’re having fun!” With more than 500 exercises in the Classical Pilates Method, every class is different, so you will never get bored! With each class you take, you will learn something new and gain strength you never knew you had!

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