Experience Yoga like never before! You know the feeling you get when you go on vacation and just get away from it all and breathe in the fresh air…when your cares and worries are few and you just feel better?

That’s the feeling you will get when taking a yoga class at PYC. Zen.

Offering the best Yoga Classes to help find mental, spiritual, and physical peace in a chaotic, tech-heavy world. At the Pilates & Yoga Center of Boynton Beach, our intention is to make it easy for you to take care of yourself. Our certified, experienced, & caring yoga instructors are here to help you nurture your mind, body, and spirit. When you visit us, you will be welcomed with a smile, by people that accept you as you are. You will move your body and quiet your mind and realize this is not just exercise. Guided by people who know your name and supported in making positive changes, you will remember what is important and have no doubt as to why you came. So join us… and allow the life you’ve known to become more like the life you’ve imagined. Classes for every yoga fitness level, from beginner yoga classes to advanced classes. We’re a fully equipped yoga studio.


3 Mat Classes ($60)  Small Classes. Big Results!