• Located in Boynton Beach, Fl on Congress Ave between Boynton Beach Blvd & Gateway Blvd
  • Established 2009 as Boynton Beach’s ORIGINAL Pilates & Yoga Studio
  • Certified Pilates Instructors, Exercise Science Specialist & Yoga Instructors
  • Small Class Sizes (max 8 per class)
  • State-of-the-Art equipment

About PYC: Pilates & Yoga Center

PYC: Pilates & Yoga Center, PYC for short, educates and trains enthusiasts of both Classical Pilates and Yoga. Conveniently located on Congress Avenue in Boynton Beach, FL, the studio is home to the area’s most qualified, experienced instructors and state-of-the-art equipment.

PYC’s was created to make Pilates & Yoga more accessible to the area. PYC is the very FIRST location in Boynton Beach to offer Classical Pilates & Yoga instruction under one roof.

Formally operating as Pilates of Palm Beach (est 2009), the studio began as a mobile Pilates studio offering in-home private sessions and group classes. As the demand grew for quality, Classical Pilates instruction, the studio’s first brick & mortar studio opened in January 2010. Since then, they have grown to be the area’s most trusted and respected Classical Pilates studio.

The introduction of Yoga manifested naturally for the Pilates studio. Despite both disciplines being unique in application and practice, PYC looked to positively focus on the benefits of both. In December 2016, the studio underwent a major renovation to add a separate Yoga studio, Yoga of Boynton Beach, to its facility.

As a result, Pilates of Palm Beach and Yoga of Boynton Beach merged to create PYC: Pilates & Yoga Center. In July of 2018, PYC changed ownership.  The studio has since added Personal Training as well as Contemporary Pilates to PYC’s menu of services to allow the wonderful benefits of movement and physical fitness to be felt by all shapes, ages and fitness levels.

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Guidelines & Policies

All clients are solely responsible for reading and following our guidelines so everyone can have an enjoyable practice, while we maintain and sustain our studio. By attending class you are agreeing to all our guidelines and policies.

Class Procedures

  • Given the private nature of our studio, signing up means you are personally reserving a space in class. Please do not sign up for a class and not show. There are fees involved.
  • Online booking can be done up until the class start time. If there are any problems with class booking, feel free to call 561-244-5566. However, if no one is signed up 12 hours prior to class start time class may be canceled. If there are less than 3 people signed up for a class you may be asked to come to a different class.
  • We require a complimentary 30 minute Private Session/Consultaion before joining group apparatus classes, regardless of prior Pilates experience. There is tremendous variation in the teaching styles and equipment between Pilates studios across the country, so we want clients to be directed into the correct Pilates Program at PYC. Three Private lesson may be required to equip you with any information you will need to be successful in group classes. In these three sessions, you will become familiar with exercise names, changing your own equipment and springs on all pieces of Pilates Apparatus, and learning any modifications for certain exercises which may be contraindicated for any conditions you may have. If you have prior Pilates experience, we encourage you to use these 3 private sessions as an opportunity to work on the equipment you are least familiar with and also to just enjoy the one on one attention at the discounted rate!
  • No one is admitted 10 minutes after class start time. Late comers are disruptive to class, please arrive 5 – 10 minutes before class start time. Not too early though, no one will be there to let you in!
  • No shoes in the studio. Yoga and Pilates is best practiced barefoot or with socks with grips, so be prepared to remove your shoes upon entry.
  • Be clean (body and clothing) and odor free. You practice in close proximity with others. Be kind to yourself and everyone with a clean body and clothing.
  • No children or pets. Although we love little ones, our classes currently are catered to adult humans only. There are no children or animals allowed in the studio at any time.
  • Skip the perfume, lotions and oils. while it smells great on your date, your class mates might not appreciate it.
  • No cell phones are allowed to be on in the studio. Ringing cell phones can be very disruptive. Please allow yourself to be “unplugged” while you are here.
  • Payment and fees are due in full at the time of registration or class start time.

Sales Are Final

It takes a lot to run a studio and provide quality offerings to our clients. We try and offer you the best services possible. In order to do that, please be sure that you’re booking the correct service and can attend classes, privates, and be able to use the membership or services in the specified time allotted. We do not offer refunds of classes, private lessons, memberships or workshops purchased. It is your responsibility to read our guidelines before purchasing. Non use of services are not grounds for a refund. In some instances, per our discretion we can apply a credit to your account.

Class Cancellation Guidelines

We have a 24 hour cancellation policy.

A full class/session fee will be charged for cancellations with less than a 24-hour advanced notice. Please note, this is aimed to be a preventative measure rather than a penalty. Demand for our classes are very high, no-shows and no-cancels limit other members from participating in classes and booking session at prime time slots.

Of coarse we know emergencies come up, maybe you get caught at the office or home with a sick little one, however in the event that this does happen and you can not cancel 24 hours in advance, please call us at 561-244-5566 so we can let the instructor know you will not be attending class or your session. You will be allowed 2 late cancellation waivers per year.