Pilates for Runners clinic Tuesday, July 12th, from 6:30pm – 7:30pm @ Fit2Run in the Mall at Wellington Green. Featuring a brief discussion, 30-45 min Pilates Mat class, and Q&A.  RSVP 561-244-5566.

As runners, we are susceptible to many injuries such as shin splints, knee & hip discomfort & dislocation, pulled hamstrings, Iliotibial Band tightness, among others. All of these injuries may be caused by poor core strength, instability in the hips & spine, and tight muscles & joints.

Why the Pilates method? Pilates focuses on 4 elements; Strength, Stability, Stretch, and Stamina. By strengthening the core, learning to stabilize the hips & spine, & stretching tight muscles, we can run longer & stronger without injuries! Discover what many professional athletes already know about how Pilates can improve your performance while preventing injuries.